Homebuyers In The Real World

homebuyer in real world

Although online resources, whether desktop or mobile is excellent for marketing eventually the buyer will move from the couch or the coffee shop and start looking at houses in person.

While it does happen, most people will not buy a home on the strength of an internet listing alone, no matter how attractive it might be.

Nearly all buyers who make use of the internet in their search use it not to make their final decision but to narrow and direct their search.

Also, it is worth pointing out that not everyone relies exclusively or primarily on the internet in their search for a new home.

While nearly all go online at some point during their search, many will default to traditional methods of visiting the home to make the final decision on which home to purchase.

In fact, nearly all buyers will still work through a professional realtor. Even traditional marketing methods like open houses and yard signs still play a very significant role in the home buying process.

Therefore, at one point or another, while you have your home for sale, make sure to keep it clean and ready to show, because you should anticipate and expect many potential buyers coming to view your home.  Good luck!

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