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Renting furniture

If you don’t have the furniture that best compliments your home so that it’s dressed to impress, renting some can be a convenient option if you are missing big items.  Also, if the house that you are selling is entirely vacant, renting furniture might not only be convenient but the smartest move.  It is a known fact that staging your home increases the value and type a nicely staged home gets sold faster!

Before getting started on the furniture selection process take into account what you already have at home. Also, store away worn or dingy items and even just removing an old coffee table or couch can brighten up space.

After you have done your best to comb through your house to rearrange or clear out furniture in each room, you can reassess to figure out whether or not you could use a few more pieces for staging such as flowers, candles, lamps etc.  Small accent pillows and colorful pieces, pending on the room and location can make a big difference in the appearance of the room.

Much of the time, some renting is required to really create the effect you want, and even staging experts hired by homeowners resort to renting when in need of furniture.  Here are some options:

Staging Options

  • Furniture rental companies. We don’t often hear about these types of companies unless we’re looking for them. There are many options and your realtor can recommend some for you to use in your area. If you hire a stager, they typically work directly with the rental companies.

The rental companies normally provide the furniture, the trucks, and the man-power to get it to its destination.  The only downside is that they also normally require a three-month minimum rental period.

Of course, if you happen to sell your home sooner, you’re not out any extra money for returning the furniture early.

  • Thrift shops or antique shops. If you have any of these in your area, you might consider asking to rent larger pieces of furniture.

You will not always be successful at this, but if you find something that would fit your needs, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

If you can’t replace the big furniture such as your couch, you can also dress up your current standard furniture without anyone necessarily seeing the difference with some inexpensive cover-ups.

Whichever furniture option you choose, make sure that it is indeed the best for your particular situation and that it will bring you the most significant return on investment by either selling the house more quickly than expected or selling for a higher price.

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