For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

FSBO, or “For Sale by Owner,” happens when homeowners decide to put their house on the market and advertise it without the help and support of a professional real estate agent. FSBO implies that the owner must know how to professionally market, show the property, negotiate an advantageous selling price for the house, and (of course) manage to get all the necessary paperwork completed for the eventual home sale. That last aspect usually includes finding an attorney to draft the necessary sale contract, as well as a title company to support and help complete the sale.  All these aspects can turn out to be pretty challenging for someone who is not fully prepared to take on this challenging task. As well as time consuming for the entire process.

If you have read my Buyer and Seller blog posts, you will find many of that information helpful in selling your home on your own.  However, in these FSBO blog posts, I will dedicate more information that will help you along the process.  I also have a FREE For Sale by Owner book to give you the insights, and strategies I use to sell houses, you can contact me and request the book, with no obligation.

Before you start, it is also important to do extensive market research on the matter in order to avoid unwanted surprises. Based on reports, quite a number of people who start confidently with FSBO end up losing the sale or eventually hiring a real estate agent.  Most FSBO, do not fully understand what goes on behind the curtain of selling a home.  Realtors make it look easy and as professionals that is our job, to assure a streamline approach to selling a home.

I am in the business to help people, and if I can help you by giving you any insights I would be happy to share my knowledge and experience to be able to help you meet your real estate goals.

What’s in it for me?  Hopefully, you sell your home by using the ideas I provide and found my experience to be helpful. In return, I would love your recommendation or referral to a friend or family member that is too busy to sell their home on their own.  That’s it.  I also hope to have made a new friend in the process.

Before you start your home selling process, make sure to get a FREE Home Value by clicking here so that you can price your home accordingly. Good luck!